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Posted in 2 Great Music Recommendations by James John Wilson on February 10, 2010

This is a little late, but late than never.

Chelsea Lyn Labate

Found via @reverbnation review of top 25 folk music artists in New York City area.   She truly has a distinctive voice almost cultural like Sineade O’conner but more elegant.


Mumford And Sons

I bought “Little Lion Man”

Found via @Evnstn via twitter http://www.myspace.com/mumfordandsons

Nice fiddle gives a blue grass feel.  Lyrical very strong and sung with a lot of passion.  They appear to have a very large following.  Nice find!


Rated one of the 50 best albums by Lucid Culture.  Her press is unanimous… “Sultry… sassy… jazz… and a wonderful entertainer… ”


Emma Wallace

Found via Emma Wallace (@jamemma)

Piano centric folk music, lyrically strong, can be bouncy at times, but in a cool way I guess, catchy.  Really clean and put together compositions.   Voice is very nice with interesting intonations which I love,  sweat and clean.  Nice find.


Other Mentions

Amber Rubarth


Singer-Songwriter Sessions

Venue: The Bitter End (212) 673-7030 149 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012+1437
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